Second free update coming to Resident Evil 6

Capcom has announced a second free update for Resident Evil 6 and outlined its contents.

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LackTrue4K2346d ago ShowReplies(4)
MehmetAlperTR2346d ago

Update free ?! and it's news? Ohhh it's a cRapCom..

Chitown712912346d ago

Damnit that guy looks like the old Dante in that pic. *starts crying* Damn you Capcom......damn you......

gta28002345d ago

Damn game should be free. It's pretty much the only way they'd get me to play RE6.

KrisButtar2346d ago

i was thinking updates were always free, i dont remember paying for the AC3 update to get connors hood back, or the far cry 3 update, or even the skyrim updates, i dont play capcom games so i guess they usually charge for updates?

SeraphimBlade2346d ago

Wait, they updated AC3 to get the hood back? Seriously? Crap, I need to start playing again, now that I don't have to keep looking at his stupid haircut.

And, no. Capcom doesn't charge for updates but they used to be the kings of disc-locked content.

dredgewalker2346d ago

They still are the king of disc locked content, since they never abandoned that practice.

SeraphimBlade2346d ago

They explained why they did it, at least for fighting games and said they wouldn't do it anymore. (granted, we've yet to see if they're telling the truth) They KINDA had it in RE6 but it was free if you signed up for their stupid online stat-tracking thing.

dredgewalker2346d ago

I don't think they'll easily give up something that makes them money. They've been defending their disc locked content for a while now and I don't see them ever changing.

Gaming_Guru2345d ago

At KrisButtar:

I was thinking the same thing, updates are always free, like PlayStation 3 / XBOX 360 operating system updates changing designs or adding features. It never made any sense to me when people say the update is free.

bub162346d ago

All updates should be free

ILive2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


aLiEnViSiToR2346d ago

WAIT, all updated are not free O_O... BLASPHEMY !!!

CaptCalvin2346d ago

They're trying to soften the blow by introducing the idea that they can charge for updates in your mind by using this subtle way when they DO start charging you for updates. Better watch out folks.

vlonjati772346d ago

CaptCalvin- Nice one :-)

Its all psychology life.In the end it s customers that decide.Many complain that Crapcom etc milk us(not me),they are stupid they say.well since many of you feel milked then you are the cow(im talking in general).its all customers fault PERIOD.resi4 was the last one I bought.thnx to ps+ I m enjoyin lots of games.

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The story is too old to be commented.