Frontlines: Fuel of War Media

Set in the midst of world in crisis due to depleting natural resources, viewers watch as a war unfolds before their eyes. Viewers are shepherded from the brewing unrest in the urban domain deep into the frontlines of WWIII and the heat of battle.

New screens and trailer.

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Yo Wassap6271d ago

Very atmospheric, this is another game i'll be looking out for when it's released

Tut6271d ago

It looks like that will be quite a fun game to me! Who doesn't like blowing stuff up?


Games With Gold Users Can Snag These Two Additional Games For Free

Xbox Live Games with Gold users can snag these two games for free. They weren't announced by Microsoft but appear to show as free with Xbox Live Gold.

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Godmars2901050d ago

If you're getting something through or because of a paid subscription service -


Stop using that word...

lindquist1050d ago

If you know that you're paying for playing online + 4 games each month, those 4 games are NOT FREE.

But if they give you 6 games one month, 2 of them are free. Agreed?

1049d ago
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Jericho13371050d ago

How would you phrase it then?

Godmars2901049d ago

"Games with subscription service."

Its what they are.

And yes, the same if not double for for PS+.

1049d ago
shuvam091049d ago

Stop being such a snob. It's an informational article. And it's free for those who have GwG, as is clearly mentioned. Going by your logic, Buy 1 get 1 free shouldn't be a thing either, since you paid for 1.

starsi3601049d ago

First, stop being so triggered. Being so angry about something so mundane is worrying, maybe you need to look into why that is.

Secondly, why don't you go round all the UK shops offering "free" iphones and android phones when you sign up to £60 a month tariffs and scream at the staff that it's not free?

Do you get angry with Amazon, that advertise that Prime comes with FREE express delivery?

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HenryofSkalitz1050d ago

360 and original xbox games are free. You can download them and play them free on 360 and xbox one offline.

darthv721050d ago

I didn't have either one of these so... why not? Can't beat the price.

Lmcreach1050d ago

Why would I want either of these games LOL

Father__Merrin1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Mx unleashed has been free to gold for ages for some reason, front lines is a good freebie it's not advertised.

Both games are free to keep in xbox digi library. No subsxription required to play these games once there added. There yours to keep

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Revisiting Frontlines: Fuel of War

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Frontlines: Fuel of War is a game that can honestly be forgotten, it was an average shooter and at that it certainly hasn't aged well."

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spicelicka2325d ago

LOL what a random revisit. I remember liking the demo for this game, but never bothered buying it.

skycaptin52324d ago

I bought it at launch, the game has been sitting here for years and it became backwards compatible so I was like meh why not

Profchaos2325d ago

I remember buying it for $2 on steam and playing it for 20 minutes

Asuka2325d ago

Completely forgot about this game. Remember being hyped about it... probably not that hyped about it seeing as how i never bought it amd forgot about it haha

Scatpants2325d ago

I wanted this game to be good but it was bad. Interesting ideas though.

Sidewinder-2324d ago

Wasn't a bad game. Clunky, but enjoyable. I still remember one of the loading screen captions; real poignant and deep...

"Our last drop of oil will be burnt by a tank."


Nordic Games Set to Acquire THQ Inc.’s Assets – Wants Gamers Input on How to Move Forward

Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Titan Quest, Supreme Commander, Frontlines, Stuntman, Juiced, Full Spectrum Warrior, Destroy All Humans and much more will enrich the Nordic Games portfolio

Wants Gamers Input on How to Move Forward

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TerminalGamer3879d ago

Hopefully they can bring these titles successfully into the next generation