Do Innovative Controllers Stifle Real Innovation In Gaming? Reprise.

D Pad D Bags looks back at their prior article on innovative controllers and how they effect game development.

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The-Batman2161d ago

If done correctly I believe that innovative controllers enhance gaming for the better. There are plenty of good and bad examples of how to you that innovation properly through successful AAA titles down to poor rushed titles. It really depends on where the developers heart is.

I would say that Nintendo usually gets it correct with control innovations because they usually force them as a standard out of the box. Others that usually borrow from Nintendo make them just an option. Granting their version poor developer support in the long run. Like Playstation Move for example.

darthv722159d ago

when done right, it works and shows how viable such a display format can be. Yet we have seen many movies that had the effect tacked on to capitalize on the popularity.

i cant remember if it was Jim Cameron who said this (or similar) but it was to the effect of...if there is a flood of 3d movies that really arent deserving of the 3d effect, the whole idea of 3d is going to get killed. Again.

The same can be said about the tacked on feel of something like motion or touch gaming. It has to be built specifically to showcase the benefits. for that to happen takes time but there are too many that want to jump on the same bandwagon.

that wagon is going to fall apart at some point.

wiiulee2159d ago

where did this silly article come from....innovative anything in gaming is what cause it to evolve and take on new directions....for example the controller for the n64, the nintendo the wiiu..