The Hardest Boss Fights on PS3


The Villains Who Really Make you Appreciate ‘Lives’ Systems Being Obsolete

In recent years, bosses that can truly be called ‘hard’ have become rarer than females at Tolkien fan-group meetings.

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Chaostar2347d ago

"You will not stand in the way of destiny!"


What a £$%&

NastyLeftHook02347d ago

maneaters from demons souls.

solidboss072347d ago

Don't laugh, but I gave up the final boss fight in Heavenly sword. I'm not a bad gamer, I've completed all of the Devil may Cry series, Legacy of Kane, God of War games as well so I'm not new to the format. Maybe I did not enjoy the game enough to persist.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2347d ago

Actually, the heavenly sword boss battle is often cited in these kinds of lists. Although the game itself was pretty solid, that particular boss battle however stands as one of the best boss battles from a technical and aesthetic point of view in recent memory.

bloodybutcher2346d ago

don't worry, i couldn't get through him as well-_-

bigtrucknd2346d ago

Pyromancy plus combustion easy sif kill

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