Out of Continues ep 54: Year 2012 pt 2

This week, Stafa, Ryan and Matthew talk about Orcs Must Die 2, Limbo, and Binary Domain. Then discuss thoughts on 2012 and then news topics on Bill Nye, Steam community market, Syrian tank, Mass Effect blamed for school shooting and Cliff Blizsinski.

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rezzah2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

oh Binary Domain was one of the best shooters I've played this gen. Story and concept of robots was very interesting. The other robot mediums it seemed to have borrowed from added to its feel/atmosphere.

Also the differing dialogues between the various combinations of available characters to add to your team of 3 is amazing.

The physics, how robots respond to being shot, is great. They don't act like stone walls, and in some cases lose their legs so they crawl at you or shoot if they still hold their gun.

Edit: Forgot to add that bosses are epic.