SmashPad: Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review

SmashPad: BioWare and Mass Effect 3 have seen their fair share of controversy over the last few months. From fans reacting negatively to the ending of the series to the creators of BioWare reportedly leaving the company because of the fans’ outcries, Mass Effect 3 seemed to be stuck in a perpetual loop of disappointment. But with bad press comes positive changes, as BioWare released an enhanced ending to appease fans (mostly) and they are still working hard on enhancing the adventures of Shepard and his crew. The latest, Leviathan, adds some neat backstory to the already dynamic ending, but the combat leaves more to be desired.

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jar1552351d ago

Nice review of the DLC. Makes me want to check it out, especially since I wasn't a fan of the game's ending at all.

2351d ago