Game of the Year: The Walking Dead

The Married Gamer: One could say that, in videogames, this was the year for the survivor. 2K’s Spec Ops: The Line showed a protagonist barely hanging onto his humanity in the midst of a chaotic war and natural disaster. EA’s Mass Effect 3 had Commander Shepard fighting against insurmountable odds from an ancient threat that could annihilate entire galaxies. Yet, somehow, it was a young girl name Clementine that affected the staff here at The Married Gamers the most. This year we yearned and ached, quivered and feared, for her survival in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead.

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Spinal2344d ago

And it deserved every bit of this award. Been playing this into episode 4 on my iPhone 5 and its simply amazing better than any of my PC and console games that have released this year.

MattyG2344d ago

Right now it's between this and Far Cry 3 for me. Both are incredible games, but it's because of completely different things.

MasterCornholio2344d ago

Hmm i did enjoy monkey Island from them so maybe i should try out the walking dead.

specsmatter2344d ago

lol i must be the rare few that didn't enjoy Walking dead or Far Cry 3 as mush. I keep buying monotonous and redundant games like Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed, Red Dead in the hopes i will love them but i hate them because of the redundancy in doing mini missions over and over and going to the same places.

In terms of Walking Dead idk the QTE formula in this game didnt do it for me. Maybe i just have to try again.