Call of Duty: Black Ops II 12-15 Prestige's possible

Game modders have discovered that it is possible to get to Prestige 12 and subsequent prestige's through modding of files meaning Treyarch intends to make prestige's 12-15 available in the future!

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sdozzo2351d ago

Honestly, if you prestige more than a few times you should probably find a new game.

JeffGUNZ2350d ago

Or perhaps they enjoy the game a lot and that's why they prestige a lot?

sdozzo2350d ago

Moderation is the key.

guitarded772351d ago

I can't believe people play that much... I got the game day 1, and have yet to prestige once. Then again, I buy and play just about every game made, so I can't commit time to just one title.

Soldierone2351d ago

With all the challenges you get on the first run, its really hard NOT to prestige...

After the second prestige, if you don't reset your stats, it starts becoming a grind. Overall you just need to learn to use different weapons and perks though....

0pie2351d ago

if you reset your stats, you lose your prestige.

taijutsu3632351d ago

Lol have they fixed the knifing yet?