Sound Card 011: Ten awesome, underrated Mega Man songs

Destructoid: "The erudite Jayson Napolitano and I put our heads together to compile a list of ten awesome tracks from ten games that aren't Mega Man 2. Or Mega Man 3. Or even the first Mega Man X. Instead of a definitive "best of" list, we would like to offer up our choices as a primer to the expanded wold of Mega Man music."

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kingPoS2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I've only those songs 3 times at the most.

Looks like I have to grab a few more NSF & RSN files for winamp to consume. ^_~

Ah Megaman 8 I used to own that... how I wish I kept up with it. >_>

izumo_lee2345d ago

For me the stage select song for Megaman X4 does not get the recognition it deserves. It sounds so epic & makes you want to save the world.

I know that Wily stage 1-1 for Megaman 2 gets all the hype but for me personally Wily stage 3&4 in Megaman 3 is more intense & gives a greater feeling of epicness.