Is it Time for Another Desmond Game?

"While the thought of a game taking place in Brazil might seem appealing, there is a small issue I have with it—it’s way too soon to be putting out another Assassin’s Creed game, least of all with Desmond as the main character." |

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Genuine-User2348d ago

No. People that played AC3 through to the end will know why.

snowman21492348d ago

actually what you think happened to him didn't really happen to him ;) let me try to be as cryptic as possible to avoid spoiling the game for others...lets just say he switched places with "someone"

Genuine-User2348d ago

Well, you could be right and wrong. Don't you think? Lol

Genuine-User2348d ago

Disregard my earlier reply. I just looked into it, you might have a point. Thanks

2348d ago
SonyStyled2348d ago

i never understood ac's story. i get confused then get real angry :(

rpd1232348d ago

Sounds like a personal problem.

Motorola2348d ago

Did this person even beat AC3?

shivvy242348d ago

Anyone that finished AC3 should know , im not spoiling crap

claud32348d ago

I could care less if Desmond was In it... I love the AC series and up for a new one next year or two years..

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The story is too old to be commented.