Saints Row: The Third sold 5.5 million before THQ Bundle

GC: THQ president Jason Rubin has revealed the sales figures for Saints Row: The Third, and it had sold 5.5 million units before the Humble THQ Bundle went live.

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Smurf12351d ago

Amazing numbers for an amazing game.

showtimefolks2351d ago

i know a lot of people like it and i do too but i feel like SR2 had the perfect mix of crazy with an actual story that made some sense. in Sr3 it was all about just crazy but i felt like the game didn't not a good structure

hopefully for Sr4 they could go back to a little more of Sr2

animegamingnerd2351d ago

saints row 2 was by far better cause johnny didn't die in the first 5 minutes for saints row the third

TotalHitman2351d ago

Hopefully, they'll have a bigger map in Sr4 like they did in Sr2. The map in Sr3 was pathetic. It was also a copy of GTA 4's map.

Oh, and they should bring back a decent 80s radio station.

showtimefolks2351d ago


no doubt Sr4 could be a huge improvement over the 3rd. i just hope they don't go to another level of crazy, i am not looking for a GTA in SR series but make it a bit of mixture like GTA:SA where crazy things can be done but than there is a serious tone or a story that kids of make sense

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Knight_Crawler2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Being a hardcore SR fan from day one and holding it down with the Family 1st gang, I have to disagree with both of you and say that SR2 and 3 both ruin the SR franchise.

SR 1 as glitchy as it was with the the A tapping and rocket glitch was a great game and laid a foundation for a great franchise to be born.

How do you cut protect the pimp, Blinged out ride and also not expand on the clan elements that SR1 had.

I understand why the went with the tongue and cheek direction with 2 and 3 because of GTA4 but why butcher the SR franchise to the point that it did not feel like SR1 which had that San Andreas vibe to it :(

deadfrag2351d ago

SR dont need the San Andreas vibe because it can stand on its own feets!

RavageX2351d ago

SR3 was my letdown of the year. If someone hadn't played any of the previous games and likes pure silliness then yes SR3 is probably for them.

But I liked that SR2 blended the crazy and the serious WITHOUT going overboard either way, and had lots to do to boot(plus told a decent story).

SR3 does none of that. Bad story, little to do in way of activities, and completely overdone in the silly/stupid/crazy factor.

Just look around the city, SR2 had life to it. People reacted to you, and would do their own thing. With SR3 they are just sorta...there.

About the only thing I liked about SR3 was the improved graphics, the jetbikes and the hoverjet but I'd gladly trade that stuff off for a properly done game.

I can only hope they've listened to their fans and take a step in the right direction with SR4.
From the sounds of it though(that Dominatrix stuff) it will be more silliness.

If that's the case, I'll just be moving on.

cee7732351d ago

yea I snapped this up earlier on ps3 for $30 and got saints row 2 free on psn too sweet for me to pass up.

Bradicas2351d ago

Saints row has most definitely lost its lable as a gta clone (dare I say they have been what gta was to ps2) ok not that far but still an awesome game.

Rai2351d ago

It's an awesome game especially if you play online with a friend.

I like how this is coming from the guy who said the game was an embarrassment.

konnerbllb2350d ago

I had forgotten about that. You're right, when Rubin took over he trash talked SR3. If in the off chance THQ is still around for SR4 I bet he will have a negative influence on it. I'd bet my house.

Rai2350d ago

I can see him trying to make it closer to GTA.

josephayal2351d ago

Saints Row The Third is better than gta in the FUN department

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