10 Examples of Cannibalism in Games

GR - "There are few things that so easily communicate the depths of human depravity quite like cannibalism. Is the situation desperate, food scarce, society abandoning all conventional morays in their desperate struggle to survive?"

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StillGray2347d ago

Bethesda's games have some of the best instances of cannibalism.

Pushagree2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

They even find ways to make it funny. New Vegas' "The meal was to die for!" quote had me laughing.

Mounce2347d ago

There's also a funny 'intelligent' Cannibal in The Witcher 1 in the swamps.

Yet he is also not listed :(

GreenRanger2347d ago

This article is making me hungry.

isarai2347d ago

I liked Red Dead's canibalism, cause at first you think it's just normal meat like some camps have, then they invite you over for a snack, then you start to realize it's human parts and there's a dead body in the tent, then as you try to escape they pounce on you. Quite a damn good dynamic experience. Not to mention that mission where you run into the supposed escaped criminal, only to find that when you return them, they were actually an escaped dinner for a cannibal.

DarkSymbiote2347d ago

In Terranigma, there was this goat who ate her dead husband. The music just made it ten times as scary.

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