PlayStation 3 gets an Intercooler

Nyko Technologies, a premier peripherals manufacturer, announced that they will be releasing the Intercooler for Sony's PlayStation3 computer entertainment system this holiday season. This device easily connects to the PlayStation 3 using patent-pending technology that works with the systems power port and vent system. Once attached, the high-efficiency external fan placement dramatically increases internal air flow and allows the console to run at optimal temperature levels. The Intercooler for the PlayStation 3 will be available between $19.99 and $29.99 at major retailers.

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Anerythristic265907d ago

The PS3 cannot catch a break! Didn't they release the 360 Intercooler a month after it launched ?

andy capps5907d ago

Something like that, I can't remember the exact time. Gotta love it when these third parties try to catch in on all the third party accessories.

likeaboss3025907d ago

I bought the 360 one but it created too much noise. However it does make me think my 360 is quiet now without it.

Marriot VP5907d ago

Also look folks, whether it's a PS3 or 360, if you think it's gonna overheat...BUY A WARRANTY.

Chances are it'll cost about the same and if it does break you simply get a newer and better version of the console you buy. Seriously folks do you really want to hold onto an overheating console if it's bound to fail eventually.

andy capps5907d ago

Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting a warranty. Gamestop and EB Games offer those, right? I know Best Buy does but I have no idea where I'll be able to find one.

Donkey Slayer5907d ago

Paid $50 for my 360's warranty and will definitely buy one for my PS3 as well.

The Wii, well I'm undecided on that..It's basically a gamecube with a new controller. COntroller may need a warranty though ;)

kewlkat0075907d ago

I pity the fool without a warranty. I also have that cooler for my 360 but its mad noisy, well I stopped using it and my 360 is fine, even after 20 hrs continuous play. Nyko is really trying to make lots of money of this thing. I wonder if it's even needed.

Grown Folks Talk5907d ago

it sells off of the hype created by media and fanboys. if you take care of your stuff properly, you shouldn't have to worry. (minus already defective units of course)

Marriot VP5906d ago

Donkey, I think your household family or whatever will need a warranty to for being hit with it.

"Tiger woods yall (swings back)....*BAM*"

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The story is too old to be commented.