Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition Launches Exclusively on PlayStation 3

Konami are today inviting newcomers to the PlayStation 3 to join in with that which the early adopters championed back in 2008, with the launch of the Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition package in the UK. Offering one of the most critically acclaimed titles on the PlayStation 3 in a brand new package, Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition includes the full Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and an exclusive poster not available in any other editions of the videogame.

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Godmars2903148d ago

I forgot: this thing have trophies?

Nitrowolf23148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

yes bit disappointed it's just a repackage up-to-date version with a new box-art. Was hoping they would try to cram some things like Theatre view, or something. Though it does take a large amount of disc space.

Kyosuke_Sanada3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I was hoping that it would have added the elements that Kojima didn't have time to add in before release. I would have paid 60 dollars for 2 (or 3?) Blu-Rays of MGS content....

Not saying I'm not buying this regardless.....

adorie3148d ago

He said Blu-Ray wasn't enough.
Hard to cram any more. Lmao.

pixelsword3148d ago

@ nitro and adore.

You'd think he would have more space (for at least the Japanese language in a lower sampling rate) because they took out MGO, which should have cleared-up some space on the disc.

I think they re-packaged it to remove the online and MGO's presence as well.

I could give a rip-snort about a poster.

I can't play that!

Welshy3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

It includes the original game, full trophy support and the optional full game install to avoid chapter to chapter installs (takes up the best part of 10gb , just as a heads up to any potential 12gb PS3 owners or those struggling for HDD space).

Plus the new packaging of course.

I picked this up for £14 on release at and i'm not even going to take the seal off since i have my launch MGS4 and i know how "limited" these Kojima games limited editions really are.

A fine addition to my MGS collection and maybe worth something to someone one day if ever grow out of gaming (highly doubtful, but still) =)

DOMination-3148d ago

I never got round to playing the game first time around. Now i don't have an excuse to miss out.

showtimefolks3148d ago

i still have my original limited edition copy but great for those who are thinking about rebuying

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brettyd3148d ago

when is it coming to the US?

nyobzoo3148d ago

well if it's only 20 pounds I guess if it releases in the US it'll be $20, I'll pick it up again for that price

mathsman3148d ago

That's probably not going to be the case. Given that UK RRP is typically £49.99 and US is $59.99, I'd guess it'll be $30 in the US.

Still, you never pay RRP these days, so you'll probably find it for less...

Oh_Yeah3148d ago

But you can get the og version for 10...

BattleAxe3148d ago

"well if it's only 20 pounds"

Games don't weigh that much.....

nevin13148d ago

"Konami are today inviting newcomers to the PlayStation 3 to join in with that which the early adopters championed back in 2008,"

too bad the newcomers cant play online.

OhReginald3148d ago

Newcomers wont even know this game has multi player since with the new added patch it completely removes the multiplayer from the menu. Also back of the box of this version will probably list for 1 player only.

Welshy3148d ago

The patch literally removed ALL elements of MGO!?

I didn't know this, bubble for you sir, i comfortably put near 1000 hours into MGO across 3 characters and loved it.

I really hope Ground Zeroes brings it back bigger and better than ever.

Summons753148d ago

No one deserves to suffer through the konami id in order to play online, that was a nightmare n a half.

but newcomers are in for a treat as long as they have played MGS 1, 2 and 3 before, otherwise they will be completely confused.

Soldierone3148d ago

Once you got through that, it was one of the best online games to play though. A lot of tactical skill required.

I loved teaming up with my friend and I'd be out in the field scaring people into the open, while he snipes them. There was that one level with the really long ally. I'd go clear out the side ally and get them to run through the big ally, he would sit up on the roof of the building at the end of it and pop them lol

We were ranked in the top 10 for about two months.

Bathyj3148d ago

Even if youve played 1 2 and 3 you still might be confused. Thats MGS for you.

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