Get $25 off two Wii U games plus other combo deals at Toys R Us this week

XMNR: Toys R Us has been a fan of combo deals this holiday shopping season and the week of Sunday, Dec. 16 is no different. Last-minute holiday shoppers can get $25 off the purchase of any two Wii U games or $50 off the purchase of two select PS3 and Xbox 360 titles. The Nintendo 3DS and Wii are also in on the combo deal offerings with two for $40 on select games and a buy one, get one 40 percent off.

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aquamala2347d ago

Target has B2G1 free Wii U games, better deal.

dericb112347d ago

Toys r us still has the buy 2 games get $50 off for PS3 and Xbox. Just got Farcry 3 and Most wanted for $75.