PC Games of Summer 2006

Who wants sun when you can bask in the cool blue glow of a computer screen?


Vampire Survivors Whiteout Update Adds New Stage, Character, and More

The Vampire Survivors Whiteout Update is slated to bring a new stage, character, and weapon to the indie game in the next few weeks.


The Tartarus Key - PC Review - Thumb Culture

Despite the plethora of high-definition scares out there, low-poly indie horrors have experienced a surge in recent years. There’s an audience out there eager for PS1-style spoopy entertainment. Following the success of their visual novel game Aviary Attorney, Portugal-based studio Vertical Reach decided to trade sparrows for scares. From this came The Tartarus Key, a psychological horror adventure game with both a Saw-esque nature and an eldritch aura.

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Alan Wake 2 Preview: A Mind Place For Everyone | Screen Rant

Screen Rant recently previewed Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake II, and here's what they learned about Saga and Alan in this anticipated sequel.

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