Fan entitlement: how developers deal with online hate

OXM - According to Gearbox Software's Brian Thomas, cinematic director for Aliens: Colonial Marines, human beings need to be taught the art of being nice to each other. "One of my degrees is in Political Science, and I had a Political Polling professor tell us that his number one rule was that angry people have the easiest time talking to you," he explained to me at a recent preview event, discussing certain tempestuous responses to the game's interpretation of Alien lore.

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Godmars2902352d ago

Fan "Entitlement" = The right someone has not to buy something if it doesn't appeal to them.

I don't know about the other games or devs in the article, I just know that Ninja Theory and Capcom handled the initial news about DmC badly. The changers go too far and NT just doesn't have the reputation where "trust us" or "wait and see what we do" applies. "Eff you, you effing cry babies" was certainly the absolutely last thing which should have been first out of their mouths.

dirigiblebill2352d ago

Did they ever really say, quote, "eff off you effing cry babies"?