'Isn't the Wii U Pro Controller a cop out for developers?'

CVG - With the announcement of the Pro Controller for the Wii U, I instantly thought that it would be a good thing. But then I got thinking, isn't it a bit of a cop out for developers? I can see them taking the easy way out and just developing for the pro controller, which, in turn, will take away from the Wii U's main attraction, the GamePad. This could also mean that there'll be a lack of innovation in third-party support for it.

Look at the good Wii third-party support. Games such as Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes and Sonic Colours. All perfect examples of a developer getting to grips with the Wii and making really good games, but I can't see developers doing that now they have an easy way out.

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OneAboveAll2346d ago

"With the announcement of the Pro Controller for the,"

Would you like to finish the rest of your sentence?

Godchild10202345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I thought Nintendo made the WII U Pro controller to secure Call of Duty on the console? I personally like the game pad more to play games on the WII U, the demo for Rayman Legends alone is proof of that.

EDIT: It's Michael Pachter.

EDIT: @ Below, That's why I made my first edit, Because I seen his face and knew was him being him and knew it couldn't be true.

Chidori2345d ago

Are you seriously taking Patcher seriously? You should know better than that...

Welshy2345d ago

I'd say it's part cop out, part trying to appeal to the "hardcore" crowd.

But in my view it's almost Nintendo conceding that it's a gimmick and not every dev will want to actually design for or even use the tablet at all.

Kind of bemuses me that you can't play with 2 Wii U tablets on the same console and must use a Pro Pad or Wiimote in the second players place too.

That's Nintendo for you i guess, it's their strange way or the highway.

lilbroRx2345d ago

This controller is just the third revision of the classic controller for the Wii. It is used for the same reasons as well, playing traditional games in a traditional way.

People never made this big of a deal about the classic controller or classic controller pro. Why is this suddenly such a big topic?

CaptainN2345d ago

Ummmmm, 2 Gamepads can be used on the Wii-U, there is just no games that support that feature yet.

Chidori2345d ago

This controller was made for Smash Bros.. That's all.

Welshy2345d ago

Only in Nintendo world is it deemed acceptable to the general gamer that you need to buy an extra pad to get the most from one title.

live2play2345d ago

only in n4g would a joke would be taken seriously

from the beach2345d ago

Some of the best games ever made have been designed around a unique controller!

KwietStorm2345d ago

I'd rather play with that controller than the regular one if I had a Wii U.

Hufandpuf2345d ago

1. it's an option.
2. I don't think a console would want to put all of it's chips on a touch screen controller even if it is a main draw-point.
3. If the Wii U is next-gen, why not have a controller to please controller users?
4. What about multiplats that won't use the touch screen?

guitarded772345d ago

I agree... but my issue with the controller is that Nintendo is copping out by not using it. New Super Mario U should have support for it, but you have to use the crappy Wiimote for more players. Why make the damn thing if we can't use it?

YoungPlex2345d ago

I was thinking the same thing and came to the conclusion that, the reason the pro controller isn't used in NSMB:U, is because the pro controller does NOT have motion controls built in. So for those sections where you have to shake the control with the Wii remote or tablet, it isn't possible to do that on the pro control. At least that's my theory, I could be wrong of course...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Seeing how wiiU is profitable after one game. They should have had a pro controller in the box and just be profitable after 2-3 games.

Putting the preferred controls for most hardcore gamers on the back burner and going for the hardcore? ok..

Dumb and annoying..

unless you can use a blutooth headset?

What if you have friends with you who also want to talk online?

If not.. Dumb and annoying.

PopRocks3592345d ago

You do realize that the standard gamepad is just the Pro controller with motion control and a screen in the middle... right?

The-Batman2345d ago

There seems to be an above average amount of Nintendo dislike on this site. There is nothing wrong with the tablet controller. It has been fun so far.

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