Remember Me interview: 'How stupid is this industry to only bet on stereotypes?'

In a futuristic vision of Paris, players aid protagonist Nilin as she traverses the Gallic dystopia with a taste for revenge - a professional 'memory hunter', she's found herself at the wrong end of her own skillset, imprisoned and unable to recall why. She soon sets out to unearth what exactly happened, manipulating the memories of her enemies in order to restore her own. The oppressive Memoryes corporation, controlling and deleting the memories of the public, are in her sights - 1984 meets Eternal Sunshine, then. CVG sat down with Remember Me's creative director, Jean-Maxime Moris, to talk about the game.

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Mikeockizard2348d ago

Wow, what a self serving hypocrite this Jean-Maxime is. He goes on about how horrible it is that a lot of games have leads that are straight white males (roughly the same percentage as those who play the games), then shows off his character who is a physically attractive, physically fit, light skinned female. The cover of the game even shows a nice @ss shot. Yeah, no stereotypes there.

Show me an unattractive, homely looking female who actually looks mixed race, with a big ole booty, and then you can talk about breaking down barriers.

Not to mention the bit about blood. The game contains violence and killing, but because he doesn't show the red stuff when people are killed, he is again innovating. Sounds to me like he just wanted to sell his violent game to more children, and knew that the sensors allow unlimited killing as long as you don't inform people that we bleed when killed/shot/stabbed. Way to innovate there Jean!

grifter0242348d ago

I agree with Mike. That is just sad how hypocritical this guy actually is and for him not to see it is hilarious.

Why does it matter if the main character is male or female? I thought his whole game was about "Adventure, and Story-telling," Not about trashing males just so he can look innovative by making the main character a female.

Also what is this whole no blood thing suppose to mean? What when we reach whatever year this game is set in we won't bleed anymore? That's asinine...especially when you can change peoples memories but a little blood coming out oh whoa bro that's going to far.

Flavor2348d ago

Plenty of alternatives out there if you look beyond the top sellers.

grailly2347d ago

a bit of a david cage syndrome going on here. I hate when developers do this. they make something different and all of a sudden they feel the need to bag on other developers for not doing like them.

Hicken2347d ago

I'd rather listen to Cage.

Sketchy_Galore2347d ago

I hate to say it but I'm not impressed with this game so far. The gameplay video made it look like another child of Uncharted 2 just with stiffer animations and a Mass effect paint job along with all the forced cursing and cheese you would expect. I honestly hope those impressions are mistaken and there is more to this game but as of now when I think of a brilliant, classy and interesting science fiction game with a non-sexualised black female protagonist, intelligent story set in a dystopian society and a French stylistic influence I will think only one thing, Beyond good and evil.

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