Excite Truck Previews

To play Excite Truck you use only the Wii Remote turned on its side and held horizontally, like a traditional controller.

Your right thumb sits nicely over the 1 and 2 face buttons (which are used for braking and accelerating respectively), and your left thumb sits on the D-Pad. But instead of using the D-pad to steer your truck (the D-pad instead activates your boost), you simply tilt the remote left and right like a steering wheel...

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Nintendo: 15 Forgotten Wii Games That Deserve Switch Sequels

If the Nintendo Switch wants to avoid becoming the next Wii U, they should make sequels to these underrated Wii games immediately.

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BadElf2567d ago

Zack and Wiki 2! Top notch game that NEEDS a sequel!

WickedLester2566d ago

I want a new Super Monkey Ball.


Culturegeekblog: Excite Truck Retro Review

Is revisiting Excite Truck worth your time?

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Farewell to the Wii: The Channels

PixlBit | "Now that we’re just waiting around for our Wii U pre-orders to be fulfilled, we’ve started thinking back on our Wii experience. There were great games and there were stupid, gimmicky games. There was the much maligned 480p output and the long wait for external storage. There were also the channels."