Does Nintendo Not Have Faith In the Wii Mini?

GP writer Jared examines why the Wii Mini is only being sold in Canada, and if it will ever come to the global market at all.

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BaconBits2351d ago

No online is the really strange part. games like Mario Kart need online. If it played DVD then "maybe"
I am Canadian and own a Wii and and a Wii U (plus the PS3 and Xbox) and I still think this idea is very strange..

Nerdmaster2350d ago

It is strange exactly because you're not part of the target market. It's made for those who don't have videogames, not for people who own them all and even one console of the next generation.

Sucitta2351d ago

the mini is a total mindfudge..

dredgewalker2351d ago

They're selling a watered down Wii. I dunno if that will even sell well considering the current Wii is also less expensive.

Agent_00_Revan2351d ago

Its not even that much cheaper. For all the features you lose, its not worth it.

tweet752351d ago

its nintendo thinking consumers transfered there old wii to wii u and put it in the living room. The wii mini can go in bedroom to play wii disc games on. This all after they sold there old wii a few weeks ago when they got there wii u.

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