Games of the Past Review: Shadowgate

Oprainfall writes:

"Shadowgate’s tale of legendary heroism begins at the unsettlingly modest gate to the castle. The unnamed knight reminisces about the last words he heard; he is the last of a long line of kings and it falls to him to prevent the evil Warlock Lord from raising the nightmarish beast, the Behemoth, a creature that will surely raze the lands, from the depths of hell. From this auspicious start, you’ll open the strangely small wooden door and enter the castle proper. You’ll solve a basic puzzle to open the next door, which will give you a false sense of confidence. In the next room, a dusty book lays on a pedestal. You’ll pick it up and immediately regret it as the floor drops out and you plummet to your death, the first of many to come."

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shammgod2348d ago

I remember playing this when I was young as hell. I rented it and it didn't come with the manual. I had no clue how to advance the game past the opening sequence (point and click games were something I never dabbled in). Come to find out the key to te entrance was hidden right above the door.

Needless to say, I returned the game and never got past the first door o enter the game. Lol

camel_toad2348d ago

Lol yep I was a kid too and loved it - but only because I kept calling Nintendo's tip line. Nintendo loved me and my parents probably hated me. I must have blocked out the memory of getting in trouble for calling Nintendo so much.

No such thing as internet FAQs back then heh.

Spacemagic2348d ago

Great game. So was shadowgate 64. I miss these old games. Deja vu was great too.

BranWheatKillah2348d ago

This is, in fact, my favorite video game of all time.