Ten Aliens That Should Be In Dead Space 3 takes a humorous look at Dead Space 3 by revealing ten aliens that should be in the game but aren't.

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sithsylar2347d ago

killer klowns bahahha i watched that movie the other day and it pretty much holds up since i last watched it as a kid.

sithsylar2347d ago

That Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors also reminds me of that boss from that caveman arcade game. Cant for the life of me think of it.

J86blum2347d ago

I like this, yes the Killer Clowns even if its just for one spot in the game where people where dressed up and then infected. I'd even like to see a ALIENS reference be it a line quoted, or maybe a signal from a radio or tv. It could be Hudson or (some male voice.) yelling Game over Man! I mean from the get fo DeadSpace felt close to aliens.