GamerTell’s 10 Worst Games of 2012

Want to know what some of the most horrible games of 2012 were? GamerTell has a list of 10 that includes Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, the Angry Birds Trilogy, Epic Mickey 2 and more.

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TheMrFraz3230d ago

More like Worst Disappointments than Worst Games, but a good list nonetheless.

Blastoise3230d ago

That image is from Black ops 2 not declassified =/

Venox20083230d ago

actually I liked Spirit camera, but it could be longer, still it's nowhere near as Fatal frame 1 - 4 :)

BigBoss33230d ago

that is kinda a lame excuse to make angry birds trilogy 1 so what if it's $30 that has no effect on the gameplay regardless of what game it is and im not a filthy casual

Krew_923229d ago

Think about it for a second. On Android the games are ALL FREE.

On iOS the max you pay is about one dollar for each.

Terribly overpriced.

omi25p3229d ago

Mass effect 3. Completely killed the franchise for me.

RuperttheBear3229d ago

It might have been disappointing to some people, but there is no way it is one of the worst games of the year.

omi25p3229d ago

Mass Effect was easily my favorite franchise this gen.

It was my favorite because of the types of decisions you can make and the effects of those decisions.

What Mass Effect 3 did was show me that all those decisions were null and void and i may as well have just skipped the first 2 games and played the last one.

Because of this i can no longer play any of the Mass Effects because there i no point, Every decision i make is pointless because i know it has no effect.

That's why its my worst game of the year. Because it killed my favorite franchise.

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