Dark Souls II - What we want to see

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Dac2u2347d ago

The only thing I wanted in Dark Souls and now Dark Souls II is a more fleshed out story. The worlds in the previous two games are amazing and deserve a better story to fill in the spaces. Even without an amazing story, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are still two of my favorite games this gen.

DragonKnight2347d ago

Already has an amazing story, you just have to discover it by actually looking. Having the story told to you would ruin that element of the game and thus make Dark Souls 2 inferior to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Plus, the idea is that you craft your own story.

Bimkoblerutso2347d ago

There's a difference between presenting a cryptic narrative in which players can draw subjective conclusions, and...hardly presenting a narrative at all, requiring extraneous research. Having read up on the narrative myself, I can honestly say that it made me that much sadder that it wasn't incorporated into the games in the first place. It adds a lot to the creepy, isolated atmosphere of the game

A happy medium can be reached without resorting to long bouts of dialog-driven exposition or gaudy cutscenes. Games like Dear Esther, Hotline Miami and even Bioshock are good examples of games that tell a great deal of their stories through visual cues and non-intrusive storytelling devices. I think they should go the same route, myself.

DragonKnight2347d ago

I have to disagree. In the first place, the Souls series is really about the player character first. Making your own story irrespective of lore. In the second place, actually discovering things about the world on your own is a lot more satisfying an experience than having it told to you or shown to you in any way. It gives a greater sense of immersion that way. Those people who need to have everything told to them, or shown to them, to understand anything are missing out on the true experience.

Bimkoblerutso2347d ago

We'll just have to disagree then. I'm far from the kind of guy that wants a story spoon-fed to me, but I also think it should exist within the game space, outside of a wiki page. There were a few hints here and there in the game, but for the most part the narrative was just absent, not hidden away.

The most telling thing I can say is that reading the actual mythology online gave the game a very cool context that I didn't get on my first play through. I've kind of wanted a more fleshed out story in the next game ever since.

ScubaSteve12347d ago

dedicated servers just like with demon souls

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