10 Things You Can Do In 'Far Cry 3' That Will Totally P*ss Off PETA

Complex: Far Cry 3's open world is one of the most interesting and intricate game environments we've ever played in. There are radio towers to climb, vehicles to commandeer, treasures to find, side quests to unlock, and tons more. It engages you in a million ways, and it's even easy to get around.

Early on in the game, we found ourselves ignoring missions in favor of simply hunting; we were frustrated by low inventory capacities, and we sought to remedy that by gathering materials from the wildlife found all over Far Cry 3's Rook Island. We spent hours just hunting down a half dozen or more of each type of animal.

It was during that time that we discovered all the awesome interactions you can have with the animals of Far Cry 3—and we realized that PETA, which often targets video games for some reason, probably won't approve of any of them.

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XxWalksOfShamexX2352d ago

Funny thing is PETA won't even notice this game where you kill an abundance of wild animals, but they will sure attack the crap out of a pokemon game though.

Bimkoblerutso2352d ago

And even if they DO notice it, it will be for the decidedly more tame animal abuse and not the torture/rape/killing of humans in the game.

I don't remember any ANIMALS getting torture raped by a disgruntled Aussie in the game. WHERE'S THE LOVE FOR THE HUMAN RACE, PETA!?

modesign2352d ago

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i saved everyone the time of reading this article.

r212352d ago

Kinda obvious that FC3 is gonna piss them off, its strange how they havent done anything yet.

AmkOwns2352d ago


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