Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo

STFUandPLAY's Romudeth writes:

Remember that Final Fantasy tech demo from E3? Agni’s Philosophy showed us what we can expect from the next Final Fantasy game and it was impressive to say the least. I didn’t really have the game on my mind until Tor sent me this link.

The video is a demo showing off the different things that can be done on the fly to the main character.


Another Agni's Philosophy tech demo video was added. You can see it by clicking on the story.

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Godmars2902352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Square, stop thinking and talking about aesthetics and get back to mechanics. Story plot and characters. Please.

Nemesis45672352d ago

Well said!! Story plot and characters was one of the main things that made Final Fantasy enjoyable. Good Graphics can only take you so far.

osamaq2352d ago

its not 100% that microsoft or sony will reveal there consoles in e3 2013 ,,,

nothing for we don't know, last year they expected to be revealed but nothing happened

so nothing is for sure...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Why cant we have both incredible graphics and also story, gameplay, and characters etc? One of my favorite things about Final Fantasy games besides everything I just listed was the art and if we can have a powerful gaming engine that enhances the art and beauty than I am absolutley down for this attention to the graphics engine

wishingW3L2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

because Square clearly can't handle both. They focus so much in graphics that we end up with weak games like FF13 with no content or an awfully bad written stories that makes no sense like FF13-2. And that's without mentioning the incredibly bad characters. =/

Square doesn't has the skills to make huge worlds like in the old games while maintaining the graphic quality they want to achieve, so they end up cutting lots of corners just to offer better graphics to the graphicwhores. Like if their games were ever just about that... Better graphics only gave us a game that was just a corridor with monsters and then for the sequel they gave us Megaman (a bunch of different maps where you chose where to go first but is all disjointed and just as linear).

Godmars2902352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Once upon a time we did. From FF4 to FF10 at least. Those game presented worlds with some level of interaction and even character. FF12 did as well, had cities you could literally walk though, but still failed in the basics of having people with an airship who *walked* everywhere.

And then FF13 utterly failed. Was nothing but a well decorated setting you walked through.

The short of the matter is I want vehicles to make a comeback. To be introduced to characters who I'll get to see and make grow and develop as people, not just a collection of stats in the guise of archetypes going through motions. That's where FF12 mostly and FF13 fully failed.

What has Square done in recent history to even suggest that they still have an understanding of the importance of character story or especially game mechanics?

No, its only been about graphics from their presented POV. They've even outright lied about how the 360 version of the game looked. Repeatedly had advertising "mix-ups" between pics and video.

Menchi2352d ago

Normally, I'd agree with you, but this is a tech demo, as in, they show you what their graphical engine can do, not what there story is going to be or what the a certain game would play like.

xtreampro2352d ago

Why are all your comments stupid?

Ddouble2352d ago

Why should they stop thinking about aesthetics. Isn't that one of things FF games are known for.

Why do you think people were hyped for Versus the moment they laid eyes on it in 2006? They didn't see the gameplay or know anything about the story back then. The anticipation hasn't changed and now that we've seen gameplay it makes the wait even more unbearable because it looked very good.

That is what FF games are all about, great graphics, story, characters, plot etc. They excel in all areas. One should not be compromised for the other.

It's fine to complain about the story and mechanics but what does that have to do with a tech demo? This is meant to show that next gen games will look the part.

Godmars2902352d ago

They should stop making it the central focus. They found a balance with FF4 thru FF6, but almost after that the scales started to tip the wrong way. My point is that out of story, characters, game and aesthetics one has severely compromised the others.

How the hell do you actively point out the worth of such yet still don't understand?

AsheXII2352d ago

Can we stop spouting sensationalist things that have nothing to do with the article in order to gather popularity as some sort of communist state?

This is a technical marvel, the article is about technical specifications. Why can't people be happy with the possibilities.

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2352d ago
Yangus2352d ago

This visuals amazing.
I wait next-gen Final Fantasy.

Hellsvacancy2352d ago

Im still waiting for a current gen FF game

Spacemagic2352d ago

Turn based battles and sprites plz

I_am_Batman2352d ago

How about playing FF1-6? These games are still there you know.

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