90° --- Persona 4 Golden Video Review

Persona 4 Golden has finally arrived on the Playstation Vita. Atlus' huge JRPG was a big hit on the Playstation 2 when it was first released. With a colorful cast of characters to interact with, an interesting mystery to unfold and some great RPG gameplay, Persona 4 was a great addition to anyone's game collection. Now on the PS Vita, Atlus takes what was already a great package and makes the deal all the more sweeter. New gameplay elements, a new character, new online capabilities, and tons more to experience in this neat package.

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jaggernaut252348d ago

Still gotta try this game out, top of my list for next Vita purchase for sure.

rbailey2348d ago

Good review.. I'll def try this out at some point

Hanso2347d ago

In my country it comes out on 22.feb cant wait will be my first persona^^

rezzah2347d ago

A must play for anyone who loves video games.