Are You Ready For 4 New Consoles in 2013

After a long several year cycle, the seventh generation of consoles is starting to come to an end. Just on the horizon there are several new gaming consoles by new and old gaming companies alike. 2013 looks to be a very promising year for gamers.

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LOGICWINS2351d ago

Nope, I'm sticking with my PS3 until it dies.

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SynGamer2351d ago

I'm patiently waiting for PS4 news, but I have every intention of trading my PS3 in towards a PS4.

youndamie2351d ago

I don't know I'm definitely getting the PS4 at launch but I think I want to keep my PS3 for collection purposes, I still have my ps2 and ps1(somewhere).

LKHGFDSA2351d ago

trading it towards it? even if it doesn't have backwards compatibility? (which it's rumoured it will likely not have.)

SynGamer2351d ago

I don't have many PS3 games. I tend to play them and then trade/sell. Obviously I'm going to wait for full details on what the PS4 will feature, but I suspect we'll get BC either via hardware or software.

And don't forget, Sony bought Gaikai earlier this year and I can see them offering PS3 games via cloud. I imagine it as follows; I launch Gaikai (or whatever Sony calls it eventually) and the app/program then checks to see if I have the PS3 game in my drive (physical) or on my HDD (digital). Once it confirms what the game is, it will launch the game like normal...

But we'll see what Sony does. The last thing they want is to piss gamers off, so no BC would be a terrible business move. Not to mention I don't want multiple consoles in my entertainment system if necessary. One media/console box is enough for me. If Sony play their cards right, the PS4 may be that box.

Oh_Yeah2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

More so looking forward to see what the steambox offers over the average console. I know the discounts and prices on games will be better, the backwards compatibility is already there with a large amount of previous games, plus all the pc exclusives.. That's a good enough reason to get it over the others right there if your only looking to pick one..

SandWitch2351d ago

What if... Half Life 3 will be Steambox exclusive? :D

Would be kind of crazy

TruthBTold2350d ago

PS4 because with all the studios Sony has we are guaranteed dedicated exclusives. The Steambox can also become my second console. Considering the deals steam does for their games I am hoping they would do something similar for their console and it just seems that valve will be able to bring true PC gaming to the living room without all the extra work, just plug and play.

osamaq2351d ago

its not 100% that microsoft or sony will reveal there consoles in e3 2013 ,,,

nothing for we don't know, last year they expected to be revealed but nothing happened

so nothing is for sure...

hennessey862350d ago

Revealed te 360 before e3 so it might be early 2013.

avengers19782351d ago

I don't think steam or ouya will actually be release. Waiting on info for new Xbox. Will definitely be getting a ps4.

hobohunterz2351d ago

Lol ouya will definitely be released... Look at the website and they're already taking pre orders and ouya is one you would by with the otherxconsoles, not on its own its only $100

TAURUS-5552351d ago

i cant wait to get my new PS4 on launch day ¡¡¡¡

Pillsbury12351d ago

Nobody can seriously consider ouya as a contender in the next gen race can they? It runs android and uses off the shelf phone parts it might be a fun low cost indie system but next gen it isn't.

esemce2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

@ LOGICWINS Get a job you broke ass bitch!

1Victor2350d ago

hey bungie good to hear after 6+ years of trolling the PS3 you finally got one even tho your logic never wins.
---------good article fairly unbiased.personally I think ouya will fail since it doesn't offer anything you can't get on a smart phone,steam box look promising and will take 360 place with developers as easiest system to develop for Xbox durango for me will be a wait and see if MS learned to test their system before release,I was burned by R.R.O.D 4 times and quit,PS orbis is the must likely for me to get if they have games I want and I think the last guardian will be a launch title. My opinion and as such subject to disagree

jaymart2k2350d ago

67 of those thumb downs are not hardcore gamers.

morkendo232350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

if gaming industry continue forking out ZOMBIES, vampires , or military type games what is the point continue buying next GEN console with last 6 year IP's?? . are developers stuck on military killing games only ??? if so im done gaming. all is left is KILLING......... fun of gaming is DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an dead. hardcore game RUINED the FUN of gaming .

showtimefolks2350d ago

i am ready but most of the times when a new system comes out it gets mostly ports and older games already available for cheap on the other systems. so unless there is a strong Software lineup why not wait 6-12 months because by than more games and any faults with system if major can be worked out

i don't see either next xbox or ps4 to be over $400. so price point will be good and both systems are using off the shelf products so development will be easy. it all comes down to what ms and sony are willing to deliver at launch

now if sony launches with uncharted 4 and Gt6 its a day one for me. in MS's case gears is due in 2013,halo and forza came out in 2012 so they can't make the same games a year later so some new Ip's are a must.

the key to getting a good start is giving consumers value in software,hardware and up to date features compare to other systems

SheenuTheLegend2350d ago

ms only have gears n halo thats it

Cam9772350d ago

I will play mine to death then buy the Ps4.

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DarkBlood2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

im ready but not all at once right away lol

prototypeknuckles2351d ago

im ready for dat ps4 but i wont get it at launch

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Prcko2351d ago

i am ready
bring consoles argghttaaaargggggg gievvv meeee feed meee