The Last of Us Replaced Jak and Daxter 4

Naughty Dog has revealed that a new Jak and Daxter game was almost made instead of The Last of Us. Following Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog split into two teams and got ready to move onto its next game. That game was originally planned to be the next Jak and Daxter, but the team ran into trouble while attempting to design the game.

iamtehpwn4206d ago

So many mixed emotions right now.

Feralkitsune4206d ago

I know, Last of Us looks amazing.......but a new Jak game. My heart hurts.

CryofSilence4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

The title is misleading. They didn't do TLOU in lieu of Jak; instead, what they wanted to do was far better suited to a new IP. I think they did the fan base a great service by not releasing a game that is clearly not Jak but with the branding of one. I think they will return to the series if it was even under consideration; they just need to plan a game that is distinctly Jak.

Outside_ofthe_Box4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )


Well said.

When I read the title I was a bit upset, but then I actually read the article and found out that ND actually did the fans a great a service.

I wouldn't want a Jak game that isn't a Jak game. ND's ambitions for Jak 4 didn't match the previous Jak and Dax games so they decided not to do it, GOOD. I'm so glad ND didn't pull a Capcom and reboot the franchise. I'm also glad that ND didn't force themselves to make the game because it would have just been a chore for them and surely the game would have suffered because of that. Making TLoU instead was a good decision. Glad they aren't completely canning the idea of a Jak 4 though.


lol this article is old.

"February 6, 2012"

Skips4206d ago

Don't give up hope my friend. Jak 4 could still make an appearance on the PS4.

Ezz20134206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

the article is 10 month ago guys it's so damn old

crxss4206d ago

starting with a new IP instead of doing Jak 4 was a better idea.

abzdine4206d ago

that's right! but what i'm hoping is that The Last of Us will be very different from Uncharted to appreciate it as a whole new thing.
I also hope they will keep on trying to make Jak and Daxter happen. Maybe Ready at Dawn could handle the project cause Daxter on PSP was amazing in every point!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

"I know, Last of Us looks amazing.......but a new Jak game. My heart hurts."

why? they are working on another project right? ps4 is coming right?

Worth the wait imo.

At the latest it will come out same month as half life 3. :)

Reverent4205d ago

If anything, ND's decision to do this only gives me more hope that they'd still consider making another Jak game. Like others have said above, I think there's a very good chance of seeing a new game on the PS4.

SilentNegotiator4205d ago

"what they wanted to do was far better suited to a new IP. I think they did the fan base a great service by not releasing a game that is clearly not Jak but with the branding of one"

Then they've shown more discretion than Rare, Insomniac, and Activision combined with their handling of classic platformer IPs (Banjo, Ratchet, Crash & Spyro, etc).

SilentNegotiator4205d ago

"At the latest it will come out same month as half life 3"

The 13th month of the year?

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showtimefolks4205d ago

this isn't new news actually ND spoke about Jak4 when last of us was announced. I don't think Jak 4 is dead, ND will Visit that series when they feel the time is right and they could meet the high expections

KangarooSam4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

Damn it. I just started playing A Crack in Time, and I honestly didn't realize how much I miss my PS2 platformers. They are soooo good.

Edit: and damn, this is an old article.

GraveLord4206d ago

You'll get over it. It's good to play a platformer once in a while but I couldn't imagine myself playing these games every year....they are a pretty niche genre on PS3 unless they are on PSN.

Don't worry Jak & Daxter fans. Maybe the other half of Naughty Dog is working on Jak 4 for the PS4 launch!

yoshiroaka4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

Support Sly 4 next year then! Because Sony has the great idea to launch it in February with the shit ton of other high profile stuff coming around the same time.

Then of course it wont sell well and they will say there is no market for it and we will never see one again :(

BoNeSaW234206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

If Sanzaru Games pulls off a hit with Sly 4 next year(which it looks like they will) maybe Sony will let them take on the Jak franchise.
That would be awesome!

Edit: After reading further down the comments there are a lot of Sanzaru comments. Listen to us SONY! Give Jak to Sanzaru!

Soldierone4206d ago

Game looks fantastic! Already have it pre-ordered, can't wait to play on my Vita!

Cam9774206d ago

Hitman: HD trilogy comes out then.
TLOU does too.
It's the same case with GRAND THEFT AUTO:V.
And Tomb Raider...

Some of these should've been postponed until the summer drought.

abzdine4206d ago

i couldn't agree more. Day one purchase for me that's 4 sure! I always support games like this, and new concepts like Wonderbook, EyePet which are quite amazing tbh!

So again guys please support Sly: Thieves in Time in March! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

bubble up for you man

4205d ago
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bloodybutcher4206d ago

i must say i don't care much about platformers, never was into this genre. i loved lbp but only with coop, i found it not that interesting while playing alone:)

jaggernaut254206d ago

This was revealed in Game Informer's cover story about The Last of Us and several of their interviews months ago. I think it is a very good thing, personally.

Jinkies4206d ago

It's a shame but in a small way they basicaly just told us what they are going to be doing after TLOU.

Jak 4 - big open map - GTA styled gameplay...it's going to be massive.

Godchild10204206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

We can hope they are going to do that or their other team is doing it. I personally like Team 1 to do it. With a Vita title to come along, just like Sly 4. Or maybe the team ( BT Games ) that did the HD Collection, are doing it.

League_of_Draven4206d ago

I'd say it's worth it. Sanzaru Games could always make Jak & Daxter 4. They did a great job with Sly 4 from the looks of it.