GameRevolution Radio 0058: Vita Woes, Phantom Pains

GR: "This week's soundtrack is brought to you by Shoji Meguro and Persona 4: Golden.

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Show Notes:

Panel: Anthony Severino, Nick Tan, danielrbischoff

What are you playing? - Anthony: Rayman Legends; Nick: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita, The Sims 3 World Adventures; Daniel: Persona 4 Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey
The News - Hitman HD Trilogy, 3DS Passes PS3 In Lifetime Sales, The Secret World Goes Free-To-Play, Father Kills Baby For Gaming Interruption, The Phantom Pain Speculation
GameRevolution Tells: What's the biggest disappointment of 2012?

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doctorstrange2346d ago

Put Phantom Pain on Vita = problem solved

Godchild10202345d ago

Vita, PS3 & WiiU

While I do agree, the PS3 & Vita remote play has been around before the WII U and it hasn't been implement so well. The WII U came along and improved on the concept and that is the world we live in. Seeing something and making it better than what was shown or done before. That is not to say, Sony can't improve on it with the PS4 or with the PS3.


I don't even think Monster hunter will help the Vita in the Japan. Monster Hunter hasn't been selling as well or nowhere as well as it was when it was on the PSP. Maybe that is the case and it could help the Vita in Japan, because they rather play it on the a Sony platform or because they haven't seen a main game in there series.

But that is where Soul Sacrifice comes in and it looks to improve on the Monster Hunter Formula, but that is to be seen once MH4 comes out.

The Vita is getting some great support from Japan next year as of lately, even if it is mixed with a home console version. Where the support needs to be, is in the US and Europe and I'm sure we will see some, come next year.