Fuse - how Insomniac hopes to reinvent Horde Mode

OXM - Welcome to Insomniac Games 2.0 - co-operative gaming obsessives without equal. Speaking to OXM at a recent Fuse event, the company's steely-eyed boss Ted Price has discussed the multiplayer modes you'll be sampling between bouts of gung-ho story-driven tomfoolery.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Horrid mode is more like it.

This looks like it will be their worst game. Just make it xbox only please I beg of u..

shivvy242351d ago

every one of their games ive ever played are fun , especially from their A Team and this is from their A team , dont hate on the game cause of the art direction and everyone thats played it says its fun

Nightfallen2351d ago

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, sounds like you are taking the fact it's also on xbox360 very personally. I'm sure it'll be a GOOD game. They are experienced developers.