The First Four Minutes of Five Levels of DmC

Check out the first four minutes of the DmC levels Home Truths, Bloodline, Secret Ingesting, Overturn and Bad News. All four videos feature battles with demons, showing off many of the weapons Dante unlocks throughout the game, including Eryx, Arbiter and Osiris.

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ritsuka6662353d ago

Personally for me I found this gameplay almost laughable to watch the thing. ... Yeah the trailer just kind of left me even more unsatisfied in this game. lol

jc485732353d ago

the more I watch it or the more I play it, I feel this game feels a lot like Enslaved (one of NT's game). Enemies in here just look like a variation of enemies in Enslaved.

I guess it has a lot to do with Unreal Engine cause all games look similar in some respect.

Temporary2353d ago

I dont see the hate for the game ... it plays just like every other DMC, I own every one of them and it feels the same...just looks better and has better voice acting/story.

People just hate to hate ... theres nothing blatantly wrong with the game, the demo actually convinced me to purchase the game.

zerocrossing2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Just played the demo, it was absolutely awful, choppy animations, awkward controls and the game glitched up on me 3 times.

I wasn't expecting to like the game from the start given my feelings about the reboot but its genuinly just plain bad.

Information Minister2353d ago

This game already had all the makings of a flop, but after playing the demo for Metal Gear Rising, and considering that GoW Ascencion and Castlevania LoS2 are being released next year as well... Donte may Cry looks like a train wreck waiting to happen.

NovusTerminus2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

This... Looks like crap! The fist weapons just look lazy on Ninja Theory's part. No effort went into them at all.

Awesome_Gamer2353d ago

Gameplay looks like crap, and that is not Dante, so why should i buy it again? Both, Story and Gamplay are bad so why bother? Give me a reason, Crapcom.

ChickeyCantor2353d ago

The first game had something similar. They emit fire basically. Not sure why this is such a shock.

DMC 1 and 2 are ridiculously bad. I have no idea why people seem to jerk all over it.

I basically stopped playing the second game.
Everyone is telling me to play 3. I hope it's better than the first 2.

rezzah2353d ago

DMC1 is the second best, for some it is the best in the series.

DMC2 is the worst.

ABizzel12353d ago

I went back and played the collection, and DMC 1 wasn't the timeless gem people make it.

Didn't even bother with 2.

DMC 3 is the best game in the series by far.

Ninja Theory's DmC looks cool, and interesting, but it's not a traditional DMC game. From what I've played it's solid, but not the game changer Capcom was hoping for, but it's greatest strength should come from story and character development which is probably my most important reason for playing DmC (which I'm happy, but upset about).

I'm glad we get to learn more about Dante, besides the half baked history provided by the other games, and I like the NT's take on how demons interact with the world. Hopefully a sequel can be produced where CAPCOM is in complete control of combat, they get the game looking on par with the cutscenes, and the expand on the DmC universe through NT's vision.

Temporary2353d ago

The only people saying this game is going to flop are the immature children that hate any kind of change (even though there is barely any change in gameplay at all!)

Quit hating ... lol, yeah Ninja Theory's track record isnt perfect right now and you have every right to dislike them, but this game plays very well and 99% of the hate is just bias.

DragonKnight2353d ago

I was right. Everything that was in the demo is in this piece o' shite game. This is the DmC we're supposed to love? Crapcom and NT deserve to have this game fail miserably and I REALLY hope it does. Terrible game is terrible.

Blacklash932353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The combat looks okay-ish and I like that Dante can finally run like he isn't dragging bricks by his ankles constantly.

Really do not like the new aesthetic and direction, though. Environments and enemies are very bland. The new Dante is Euro-punk to an obnoxiuos degree with an attitude not unlike a common bully to match. And the dialogue is somehow worse despite the game being handed to a more western studio.

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