Medal of Honor Warfighter: Can the new patch bring the game back from the dead?

In this short video iRageX gives his opinion on whether the new patch and new DLC can revitalize Medal of Honor Warfighter. He shares the most important changes that the patch has to offer and how they will improve the game.

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angelsx2348d ago

This game is crap and that's it.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2348d ago

The added online pass helps to kill the subpar online game off. Rented it from gamefly you get a limited time for online. It was an expansion of the last game that actually played worse. The only thing somewhat fixed with this version was the spawn points.
The single player was decent but the online was a mess. A maze of menus and options with limited explanation of how and where things went. It was a pain in the ass setting up characters. They slipped with BF 3 trying to make it call of duty as well just adding vehicles/destruction and sloppy screens with writing everywhere so you can't see enemies. I'll wait until next gen for any more of their games.

JoGam2348d ago

I just wanna say "Thank you Playstation Plus, if it wasn't for your 1 hour game trial i would have bought this wack game." Dude Yes online is horrible.

pompombrum2348d ago

Is the game dead already? Wow, that's a shame. While I played the beta and thought it was garbage, It's a shame for those who enjoyed it. I imagine EA will wash their hands clean with this soon and act like it never happened.

DavidMacDougall2348d ago

Ive been playing it the last couple of days and always find a game.

Shadowgate2348d ago

I play everyday tons of people playing. Best shooter since socom con.

Kyosuke_Sanada2348d ago

Socom Confrontation!?


LOOK_AT_THIS_I2348d ago

I think he meant Socom 2......damn autocorrect :)

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