What Annoys Me About A Link to the Past

Despite the somewhat abrasive title, what the author does here is to introduce the idea of "genre greatness" vs "greatness" and defend how Zelda: A Link to the Past is an example of a Genre Great game.

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Lord_Sloth2348d ago

My 2nd favorite Zelda game!

TongkatAli2348d ago

The best Zelda game ever made.

Luke_fon_Fabre2348d ago

I've never played it, but the English title they chose (A Link to the Past) is a freaking pun. Why do you put a pun in the title? The Japanese title was a lot cooler (The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce of the Gods)

3-4-52348d ago

Because he is THE LINK to the past ?

Agent_00_Revan2348d ago that I never knew of its awesomeness when it first came out 20 years ago, and I waited till the GBA release to try it out.