Medal of Honor Warfighter Gets New Zero Dark Thirty Maps Tuesday

Posted by Marc Janas // Level Designer, Danger Close Studios -

Zero Dark Thirty is a Sony film that chronicles one of the greatest and most secretive manhunts in history: the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. In our partnership with Zero Dark Thirty and Sony we’re bringing you two Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer maps based on the areas in Pakistan where Bin Laden was hunted.

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Motorola2161d ago

movie sucked and game sucked ea killed it

Elwenil2160d ago

The movie sucked? It doesn't come out until next month.

DJ2160d ago

It's a little uncomfortable that we get to play videogames in real places where they hunted down Bin Laden just a few years back. Too soon?

urwifeminder2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Sweet im nearly max rank on pc this will help me stick with it a little longer,japan won last month.

dazzrazz2160d ago

EA should make this pack available free of charge just to try bring people back to play this "thing" lol

seanpitt232160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Yeah must admit I havnt played it since bo2 , hitman, farcry3 came out