Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII - Chun-Li vs Tifa In Real Life

DSOGaming writes: "Let’s admit it; this is one of the ultimate female fights. We all love Chun-Li, as well as Tifa. Both of them are cute and busty. Oh, and both of them know how to kick major ass."

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majiebeast2349d ago

Tifa's boobs are not big enough.

JohnApocalypse2349d ago

And Chung Li's legs aren't big enough

Godmars2902349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Hard to say Tifa isn't cheating using Materia or spells, but then again she's use to fighting monsters.

Also not sure where I stand on this concept since unlike something like Deathbattle they give you a choice of who wins.

Still a nice display.

Lord_Sloth2349d ago

Advent Children would suggest Tifa would be the winner.

young7yang2349d ago

neither of their move sets match the characters and their body types are completely off... Chun li's street fighter Alpha spandax suit is more suited for a real life Chun li and Tifa just does not look the part.. don't get me wrong though.. both the girls got skill.. they just don't fit the characters they are trying to portray.

exfatal2349d ago

i'd have to disagree with the tifa move set not matching a saw a few of her signature moves mixed into her fight with chun

Kingthrash3602349d ago

Don't know who would win this one... But chun li's hotter ... So I'm on her

GirlsGeneration2347d ago

wow that was awesomeness right there! very nice job on this