GDC: PhyreEngine, Sony's new (free) cross-platform engine

Quietly unveiled at yesterday's PSN session was PhyreEngine, a new "free to use graphics engine" from Sony Computer Entertainment. According to the presentation, the package includes full documentation, "70+ samples" and "full source code and artwork" of sample game templates. Working on both OpenGL and Direct3D, this engine will allow developers to more easily develop for the PS3 by using PC environments they're more familiar with. A "simple recompile" is supposedly all that's needed to make the game run on the PS3. Sony is promising "ongoing development and support" for the PhyreEngine.

The ramifications of this subdued announcement are actually quite significant. Three titles have been revealed to have used the PhyreEngine for development: flOw, GripShift and DiRT. Of those three, only one is exclusive to PlayStation. It appears that the PhyreEngine is truly cross platform -- Sony is indirectly contributing to the development of PC (and Xbox 360) games.

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Fishy Fingers4385d ago

Interesting to think of Sony helping out the other platforms. But if it can only help to raise the bar for multiplatform games them everyone should welcome this as good news.

Mr Playboy4385d ago

step in the right direction is always good for gamers :)

Lets hope no more $hitty ports by dev especially EA :(

iMad4385d ago

Lame engine. Sony will never be so good in software.

Blankman4385d ago

its a step in the right direction. Its so sony can make ps ps3 development easier so they too can share in 360's pc link. That way more pc games will make it to ps3.

solidt124385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

No excuses now. Use our engine to develop a game if you have no clue developers. It even has pretty pictures and instruction.

RJ20004384d ago

Mr. Playboy couldn't say it any better. I would boycott EA but it turns out i would have to give up football games which is something that cna't really be done.

This is proof though that SONY isn't JUST in it for the money, but they are in it for the advancement of gaming.

hfaze4384d ago

"How can you create game without 7 PS3's SPU on PC?
Lame engine. Sony will never be so good in software."

So are you saying that DiRT sucked? Seeing a game like that pulled off on PC/X360/PS3 was quite impressive, and it will only get better...

Kudos to Sony for embracing the principles of the Open-source community! ;-)

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V_Ben4385d ago

No More "Gimped" Ps3 Ports!

Tempist4385d ago

Yeah, no kidding. Talk about raising the bar on things.

Quite the way to say; "In your face with a can of mace!".

Rikitatsu4385d ago

Thats why DiRT was Better on PS3 graphically, but anyway its good news

kevoncox4384d ago

Actaully it wasn't..
Too date better looking games on Ps3 are..

Oblivion, Burnout and coming soon Lost Planet.

poopsack4385d ago

It's wierd to see that they would support the competition, but I see why, Ps3 based multiplatform development= better multiplatform games.

The Closing4385d ago

So does this also mean something like M$ XNA might be on the way?

DolphGB4385d ago

Whilst this makes it easier for PC-based developers to put their code on the PS3, Sony have been quite clear about their PSN strategy at GDC.

They're going for quality, not quantity. Jonathan Mak's Everyday Shooter is a good example of an indie title that managed to get traction with Sony. There are hundreds of Jonathan Maks in the world, but Sony have made it clear they will only pick the very best titles.

This makes user-created games an unlikelihood on the PSN.

The Closing4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

XNA games are free..FREE! There will be a public ranking system so you can see the best of the best, and play them for free..FREE! Basically so what if there is quantity especially if they're free with a ranking system. How you can turn something like that into a bad thing is beyond me.

I'm ps3 owner, but I gotta admit a good idea is a good idea. It would be wise to follow suite.

DolphGB4385d ago

How on earth did someone click 'disagree' to my statement when Sony already confirmed everything I said only two days ago!!

Don't shoot the messenger, people!

Skerj4385d ago

XNA games won't necessarily be free, it'll be up to the developers to decide what they'll charge. And I'm not totally sure (even though their wording suggests so) but it looks like you'll have to be an XNA developer in order to try out the games and rate them for your peers. If they pass then it gets put up on XBLA for everyone to get. In any case I want the full version of The Dishwasher like yesterday, I'd pay retail prices for it.

The Closing4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

They should just make the XNA games free with the donation system intact with dev, and public ranking systems. If you have to pay for them, and there is no overall ranking system then it would be lame. In that case quality over quantity would be choice.

If anyone has real confirmation on this please post link.

Skerj4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )
Announcement link, all the info you need. I'm guessing demos will still be in order before you buy the full game, just like current XBLA games so selling it isn't bad at all. Besides, why should the Dishwasher be free if crap like Cyberball is up for sale? They have to get something for their time and XNA investment.

The Closing4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

This idea could have been done way better.

1.M$ wants to sell more systems, and free dl'able community games would have been a huge plus because most people me included would only play the games if they were free because we would rather spend our money on AAA titles. So M$ shouldn't make indie devs pay to join some club if all they're doing is help selling systems.
2. Lots of people just want other people to play their games, and with donations if people really enjoy your game you will definitely see some money from it anyhow. You should be investing your time doing this not for money, but because you love it, and you want recognition. There are tons of people out there just like you so why should people automatically give you their money until you've truly earned a name in the biz.
3. free games mean more people will play them, and if they're good with a public ranking system the best top rated ones will get the recognition they deserve, and companies will take note, and look into recruiting those indie devs because your game would really have to be special to come out on top with something as big as a free public system.

Skerj4385d ago

Indie devs already have to pay to join it, it costs $99 a year (for the 360 side). And only spending money on AAA games? I'll tell you now there are going to be some games that come out of this that will smoke some of the percieved AAA games people get. Surely there will be "crap" (subjective) too, I played it before playing the best game to ever hit the marketplace (yes The Dishwasher).

There will be different revenue models so undoubtedly there'll be a few free games, but these people are in it to make games with the hopes of making money doing something they love. And I think developers would be better critics over which games get to the marketplace and which ones need continued development, they'll get far more constructive criticism.

As long as demos are up when the games pass through the processes all should be fine, it works for XBLA already. You could always pony up the 99 to play everything for free though.

INehalemEXI4385d ago

The dishwasher was amazing it was almost like a 2D DMC game. :D

RJ20004384d ago

As a XNA programmer and user, it is not FREE. They charge you to upgrade so you can send your "game" to the 360. I was hoping Sony would do something in response to XNA, because I hate working for a system that I HATE! Windows games are pretty tight tho.

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