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Shack News: "The people at Visceral Games know what they're doing. They understand what makes this series tick. And as it turns out, moving down to a planet may be just what Dead Space needs."

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Slayer_xXx2352d ago

I'll jus keep my fingers cross tht dis gm doesn't lose it's identity, tho it seems 2 late 4 dat, but i won't judge it till it's released

Nodoze2352d ago

Um no. We have already been down on a planet with a game called Lost Planet (you know the one that DS3 is eerily similar to). Unfortunately for Visceral Lost Planet sucked.

RIP Deadspace

Thanks for making it another coop shooter fest. Just what we asked for...err wait.

GasTankKiller2352d ago

I have a few concerns with going planet side but they don't outweigh my desire for this game. Anyone that thinks Visceral is going to ruin this game is just being overly cautious and should wait until it has released.