Euro PS3 delay could affect games

UBS Investment Research analyst Michael Wallace assessed the PlayStation 3 and Wii launch plans of a number of US publishers in a note to investors yesterday, and not all of the news was positive.

While Wallace noted that software sales were already up by about 3 per cent for the year so far, he warned that the delay of the European release of Sony's system may have a negative impact on some companies' bottom lines this year.

Wallace had expected Sony to ship about 500,000 PS3 systems to Europe by the end of the year, but with the system not expected to be released here until March 2007, he worries about the impact it will have on US publishers. Apart from having 500,000 fewer consumers to sell their games to, publishers may decide to delay games that had been expected this year into 2007 to take advantage of what will be a larger user base.

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USMChardcharger5902d ago

of course it will affect games.

bilal5902d ago

and probably for this reason some games would be delayed...

power of Green 5902d ago

This is going to confuse and add fuel to the 1st wave 2nd wave flame wars even more.

NextGen24Gamer5902d ago

Developers like visual concepts are trying to hype their launch games. They have invested millions in ps3 developement and have to fight for a measily 500k install base for sales. Thats why you hear devs talking about how ground breaking their games are. They need the hype to get fight for every sale. Resistance is the same way. 22 gigs of data. Giving niave gamers the impression that its a huge game with next gen gameplay. When in actuality the people who have played it and talked about it...have said its a standard fast and furios FPS. Not as good as previous FPS's. Fear, Unreal, Halo, Half Life, ect. Just a clone with low textures according to hands on discussions. But they try to hype it with the 22 gigs and can't be done on the 360. Watch when the games come out and get reviewed. Then the truth will be known and seen by all. Yes the ps3 will have good games. But they won't be any better than 360 games and Gears of war and Bio Shock will be on a totally different level...with sales and consumer hype.

Grown Folks Talk5902d ago

who would have ever guessed that? not trashing you news bot, keep contributing to the site. just not exactly earth shattering news that delays could cause problems or have effects.

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