Battlefield 3 PC Montage 'Finesse' Looks Kind Of Epic

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, after watching this PC montage of Battlefield 3 I can only say this; I wouldn’t want to play against such players. Truth be told, I’ve seen better frag videos from other games (such as for Quake 3, Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike) but still, the skills showcased below are simply amazing. Of course, we all know that a montage is basically the best moments of a person but this does not mean anything. Why? Because it is still an epic video. Enjoy everyone and kudos to our reader ‘George’ for spotting it!"

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Spenok2352d ago

Lmao seriously. This makes me want to put this back into my PS3 and play this again.

You know what? I will...

Riderz13372353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Still has nothing on this -

One of the best Battlefield 3 montages I have ever seen in my life. The clip at 7:35 in that montage is RIDICULOUS.

NewMonday2353d ago

what impressed me about Mr.Assault was his aim and consistent quick moves and target switching.

Adexus2353d ago

You do realize Threatty didn't actually shoot a grenade, right?

Riderz13372353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Yes he did. A grenade has 2 parts, a spoon and a pin. When you see people throwing grenades you can see them taking out the pin and when it is thrown in mid air the spoon automatically comes off due to the wind resistance. What he did was shoot the spoon off and it landed on the ground. Since he was the one to activate the grenade, it counted as a kill for him when the guy went over it and died. There is an unedited version of the entire clip on his channel.

Edit - I found it,

You can see him spawn and he throws nothing.

Adexus2352d ago

If you look, the guy moves forward slightly and then he moves his arms which to me signifies him equipping his grenade just before Threatty shoots him so he drops it and then the other guy simply runs into it.

I honestly don't think Dice would bother adding that sort of thing in BF because the amount of times that it would happen is incredibly slim to never happening, and just for the fact that Dice are pretty lazy these days! :P

2353d ago