Unannounced DLC cars found in Forza Horizon

So I boot up Forza Horizon today to download the new December IGN pack. Going into the Autoshow I found a few cars not mentioned in any of the current DLC for the game. When trying to purchase those cars though, I’m given an error saying that this is exclusive content and can not be purchased at this time.

There seem to be 13 new cars that all give the same error.

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IRetrouk2350d ago

These are all the day 1 and vip car packs, iv had them from launch.

Nuts4ford2350d ago

I have the LCE so I have the VIP title and the day one packs. These have never shown in my game and were never mentioned as part of any DLC...

IRetrouk2349d ago

Sorry 5 of them are from the rally pack the rest are cars that came with the game

Nuts4ford2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

5 were introduced in the rally pack yes. But the others were not included with the game whatsoever; for example, the GMC Vandura was a recent addition to Forza 4 but never introduced into Horizon. Same for the 95 Cobra R; in Forza 4 but never in Horizon.

Nuts4ford2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

story has been slightly updated with the rally news.