EA Showcase Rundown [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

On the 11th of December, here in Sydney, Australia, we game journalists were treated to a special event organised to preview and celebrate the coming year of releases from EA.

Several studios in Luxe Studios were rented out, for interview spaces and the main floor. Fellow Capsule Computers editor Jessica Barabas-Bui and I, although arriving at different times, initially made the mistake of walking up the stairs as we followed the sounds of chatter and conversation. But it was painfully clear that we were walking to the wrong room as everyone was dressed in formal wear, with champaign glasses being handed out at the entrance. “Yeah, this isn’t for us”, I said to myself.

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masterabbott2354d ago

lots of good looking games coming out from EA next year. cant wait to try out Dead Space and FUSE

LinkageAX2354d ago

I heard that this event was plagued with issues. Is this true?

ZacE2354d ago

Not that I heard from anyone.

ZacE2351d ago

Has been updated with new event pics! More professional taken ones, haha.