Bionic Commando PS3 has Achievements

Ben Judd, the Producer of Capcom's forthcoming Bionic Commando, has revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of the game will include its own reward system known as 'Trophies', which acts in a similar manner to the Xbox 360's own achievements.

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xhi43891d ago

I think you mean.........'Accomplishments' lol

OH and just to let everyone know, my psychic like mind tells me that in the Sony keynote, they will announce Home to be released incredibly soon, they will announce in game xmb and such.

Lol if it comes true everyone owes me a dollar....or a bubble lol :D

Fishy Fingers3891d ago

Dude do you know when their keynote takes place?? ill give you a bubble just for that!

Capt CHAOS3891d ago

These are nothing without global online gamercards, that's what drives the need to complete achievements.. bragging rights

Jdoki3891d ago

Capt Chaos...

While HOME may not implement global gamercards, the Trophy Room I've seen in a few videos would indicate a similar device for 'bragging' to friends.

I wonder if Trophy Rooms can be made Public, so other players can walk around them?

Fishy Fingers3891d ago

That would be cool, especially if you can enter it straight from your apartment.

Im sure others will be able to view it mind, regardless of how.

MaximusPrime3891d ago

the word "accomplishment" takes time to get used to, just like "achievement" and some other words.

Capt CHAOS3891d ago

It's be pointless otherwise. THat'll be pretty cool.

Panthers3891d ago

Trophy rooms will be cool. I am looking forward to Socom implementing Accomplishments. Hopefully they will not only have individual accomplishments, but also clan ones. Like if your clan wins so many wars and whatnot.

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Yaster3891d ago

I wonder if there'll be a 5GB install

Jdoki3891d ago

Who knows... But it does seem like multiplatform Capcom titles require it.

The backlash they are getting for DMC and Lost Planet may make them re-evaluate the decision though...

Personally I'm OK with the 5GB install.

Keowrath3891d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I have no issues with the install on games that I'm looking forward to. Bionic Commando is one such title and I'm sure I can 5gb if it's required.

"Accomplishment: You installed the game!"

tahersaid3891d ago

another 5GB install? lol

vloeistof3891d ago

oke so when is sony going to show somthing.

home,litlebigplanet,xmb,resis tance2

Relcom3891d ago

to many let downs.

So if it comes it comes

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The story is too old to be commented.