Nintendo Life: BurgerTime Review

Nintendo Life: When the coin-op release of BurgerTime hit arcades in 1982, it was praised for its quirky theme and wildly unique gameplay design. Given the game's popularity at the time, it garnered a port on just about every home game system and personal computer of the period. The NES release came a bit later, but it was a fairly accurate interpretation of the arcade original and featured solid visuals and responsive play controls. But does this rather dated arcade port still hold up and is it a game you're going to want to add to your Wii Virtual Console library?

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guitarded772351d ago

Loved this game back in the arcade days... I miss arcades :(

Yes, I know there are still arcades in some places, but they are few and far between, and not like they were back in the day. Plus, few game makers are still dedicated to making new arcade friendly games.

That moment in time/space when arcades were king is long gone, but it shaped a whole generation of gamers. I wish some of the younglings could have experienced what it was like. Some would have a better appreciation and understanding of gaming's roots.

RuperttheBear2351d ago

'I miss arcades :( '

You and me both. I grew up in a seaside town which had loads of arcades, I used to hang around in there most weekends, watching people play after I'd burned through my £2 pocket money (lol). I loved it.

I live in a more urban environment now, but there were still plenty of arcades up until the late 90s. I used to spend hours in there in college in '93 playing SF2, we had tournaments going at the time. There were some skilled players, it was a great laugh.

I'm sad that those days are behind us, they won't be coming back. And it's a great shame.

MrKingofVideoGames2351d ago

At least we can get all these games in their glory pretty easily today. But the arcade experience can't be replicated. XBAND did a decent job in the 90's but that was probably made a bit sweeter because we still had the option to go to arcades as well as play online.

RuperttheBear2351d ago

I'm hoping I can get a mortgage soon so I can get a decent house. I've always wanted to have a games room, a decent sized one. I'd love to fill it with some arcade games, a full size Space Harrier would be on top of my list. Or maybe Outrun lol.

MrKingofVideoGames2351d ago

I got Burgertime, Pitfall, and an Intellision II console for Christmas in 1982. You can bet I hardly got any sleep that Christmas vacation. It has only been rivaled by last year when my wife gave me Skyrim, Sonic Generations, Uncharted 2&3, LA Noire, and Skyward Sword... Heck the year before that she gave me a ton of games, too. Thank God for Christmas and for all the great games each year!