The Walking Dead Retail Edition a "Buggy Unplayable Mess"

Many of us have had our fill of Telltale’s supreme The Walking Dead game already, having downloaded and played all 5 episodes during their release periods. Now all is left to have friends play the game to experience it for themselves, and luckily, just in time, Telltale has released a retail version of The Walking Dead, unfortunately, it might not be that easy.

GamingUnwrapped staff member, Karras Lambert, reports that the retail version of The Walking Dead is a “buggy unplayable mess”, reporting extreme slowdown and even frequent freezing. Curiously, we conducted more research and discovered that the Telltale support forums are ablaze with angry fans complaining of a faulty product, some even demanding a recall of the game.

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ZeekQuattro4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Guess what I won't be buying. The first 10 messages I read on the Telltale forum were all about how broken the game was. What makes it worse is they delayed the game but apparently they didn't fix anything. Better still that the game is just as broken on both the PS3 and 360. Try to figure that one out?

zmanacura4184d ago

this is bizarre to me. I played the pc version episode by episode and never crashed or glitched or lagged once. Not sure what changed in the full retail.

greatcrusader444184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I'very recently bought ep.3 (ya I'm behind) and have encountered a glitch on the train where I can't prime engine. Restarted checkpoint, restarted chapter, restarted episode. And it never fixed itself. Then somehow I started the WHOLE game over to the beginning of ep. 1. Took two days to get back to the train... it was still glitched out. I really enjoyed the game so far, but I've become so frustrated...

To clarify I downloaded eps 1-3, haven't gotten retail version.

Deadpool6164184d ago

That's an official glitch that I have seen happen before on a live stream.


first1NFANTRY4184d ago

so is it a disk retail problem then? if that's the case i'll buy the digital version instead

WildArmed4184d ago

Think so, I've played through the digital version and didn't have any issues.

first1NFANTRY4183d ago

cool thanks for clearing that up

R_A_LEE204184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

If the Xbox Live Xmas sales is anything to go by, I think TWD 1-5 are all on sale some time this Christmas so I think i'll get on board with this newly crowned game of the year.


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