Nintendo DS is the King of Video Games, Passes the PlayStation 2

"The Nintendo DS has become the king of video game platforms. As of the week ending December 8, it topped the PlayStation 2 for the best selling platform, according to VGChartz. The DS has sold 153.69 million units, while the PlayStation 2 has sold 153.68 million units."

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swirldude2348d ago

Great job by the DS. One iconic, game-changing platform overtakes another.

Godchild10202348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Vgchartz hasn't update the PS2 sales in along time. So, I don't think it really passed the PS2 yet. We will have to wait for Nintendo and Sony to come out with official numbers next year.


EDIT: I think it would make the DS king of handhelds, leaving the PS2 to be king of home consoles.

smashcrashbash2348d ago

Exactly. The DS is not a console.

Zodiac2348d ago

@smashcrashbash. That's not what Godchild said.

MikeMyers2347d ago

The DS came out in 2004 while the PS2 came out in 2000. Not too shabby on Nintendo's part but we are talking about two different types of gaming platforms here. It also sold for about half of the price.

eferreira2347d ago

Vgchartz hasn't even updated ps3's sales numbers after the site themselves posted the article of the ps3 reaching 70mil.

MikeMyers2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

"On December 8, 2012, The PlayStation 2 lost it's title as the best selling game console of all time to the Nintendo DS, making it the second best selling game console of all time."

"As of September 30, 2012, all Nintendo DS models combined have sold 152.50 million units,[1] making it the best selling handheld game console to date, and the second best selling video game console overall behind Sony's PlayStation 2. On December 8, 2012, however, it surpassed the PlayStation 2, and became the best selling game console of all time."

Do people not want the DS to overtake the PS2? Who cares when both systems did amazingly well.

VverdugovV2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


You're right about the DS and PS2 being different types of platforms. In my house, we only had 1 PS2 for the entire family yet my sister and I each of us had a DS. All of my cousins had a DS for each one of them and only one PS2 per home. Also the source from the article of wikipedia that you pointed out leads all the way to vgchartz again (who haven't updated their PS2 numbers since more than a year ago).

Hicken2347d ago


The source for the wiki entry is Zeldainformer... and even if that weren't an indication of bias or anything, Zeldainformer doesn't cite the source for THEIR information.

So, for all we know, their source is VGChartz... and that seems exceedingly likely when you look at the two "articles" and see that they're nearly identical.

And if you search VGChartz, you can't find anything relating to PS2 sales that isn't old. None of their charts track the PS2 anymore, which was at 153.19 in march, according to Sony. It's possible that the PS2 has sold just 490,000 since March, but we don't know.

In any case, I agree that it doesn't really matter on many levels. Both systems are awesome with awesome games to boot. I've contributed at least two sales to both systems.

MikeMyers2347d ago

VverdugovV & Hicken,

Thanks for letting me know about the link. Like I say, both systems did extremely.

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-GametimeUK-2347d ago

It is the greatest handheld ever made. Hats off to Nintendo for sure.

GraveLord2347d ago

Well it didn't really overtake it....this is VgChartz. Notorious for stealth adjusting its numbers once Media Create/NPD/etc...reveal the real numbers.

But it is the king of the handhelds, no doubt about it.

stonecold32348d ago

not reliable info undertracking as always ?

Snookies122348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

That's pretty cool (if it's actually true), just picked up the 3DS the other day. It's a pretty great device.

VverdugovV2348d ago

Says who? vgcharts? lol

They haven't been tracking the PS2 since November of 2011.

trunkswd2348d ago

VGChartz still tracks PS2 sales.

Zodiac2348d ago

Nobody tracks discontinued consoles. Japan is the only region that still shows ps2 numbers, and they are 15k a year at most. No point in tracking it.

SuperSonic2662347d ago

still manages to outsell the 360 in japan

Pillsbury12348d ago

DS is going HAM on sales!

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