Gears of War: Judgment "Museum" single player campaign gameplay trailer

Gameplay trailer of Gears of War: Judgment's single player campaign in the "Museum" area.

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otherZinc2351d ago

Wow! I'm lovin this!

Looks fantastic
Single player looks great
More co-op after I beat it on Insane Mode
More Horde Mode on the way, looks to be large maps again
More Multiplayer, though I dont play as much, still looks great

I'll beat all Gears games in February to prep myself for Gears Judgement.


majiebeast2351d ago

Looks real good. Just wish they had chosen anyone else as lead besides Baird hated him since the first game.

Septic2351d ago

Yeah I personally hate Baird as a character. He has no substance at all.

StanLee2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Are you kidding?!!! He's the most antagonistic, sarcastic, narcissistic, funniest SOB there is! He's perfect! From game 1 he wanted to be THE guy. Who has more substance than Baird? You finally get to see what Baird was like when he was THE guy. He's a lovable douche!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32351d ago

That's crazy. Baird has been the most consistent when it comes to substance amongst the Gears characters. Cole had it the first game but after that, the writing for his character sucked besides some minor redemption in the third game. Baird is a very well-rounded character.

vickers5002351d ago

Doesn't matter to me in the slightest. None of the characters are the least bit interesting in my opinion.

Though the games are still incredibly fun. I just hope they add a lot of new weapons and/or gear. They usually keep it fairly limited so as to balance things out, but seeing as how this isn't a main Gears game, I'd like them to experiment with some things this time around, either by adding a lot of weapons, weapon customization, player specializations (like perks, except add some drawbacks, like higher health/heavy armor, but slower movement and reduced accuracy specifically on sniper rifles), and, things like that. Kinda want to see how Gears would be if it moved away from its current formula.

BanBrother2351d ago

Looking very nice. Graphics are pretty sweet also.

As expected, they waited until after Halo 4 to show off some gameplay. I was sort of disappointed that another Gears was coming out so soon (Gears 3 is still healthy online and feels great), but after watching this video and others, I'm very happy with it.

The gameplay has been made more convenient. The new weapons look cool as well. Wonder how they will get the balancing issues sorted out, seeing as how there was no beta.

cyhm31122351d ago

Is it just me, this franchise is getting tired

GearSkiN2351d ago

never in a million years i would say this but im with ya. i love Gears all of em. but now i just stop playing the game, i thought i would play GOW 3 a lot but that end up not lasting...

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