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NYC_Gamer2840d ago

DMC must be an AMD sponsored game...because i don't see any notice of Nvidia features that game supports.

TitanUp2840d ago

nvidia and amd both get these stupid sponsored games with features from 1 brand and not the other.

its more stupid than console exclusive dlc

nofallouthero2840d ago

i might just get it for the 60fps now

GSpartan7772840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"DmC Devil May Cry will support 60 FPS"

Somehow I find it hard to believe that game designed to be capped at 30 FPS all of the sudden is going to run on 60 FPS when ported to the PC. Unless there was a separate version made for the PC I'd be believe it. But console versions ported to PC, that's usually never the case. PC version ported to console, is.

Muffins12232840d ago

Its more hard to convert games made around console to pc.It's a developer thing,your to stupid to understand that.

Razputin2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

For some reason I can't reply to Muffins1223. But sorry you are the stupid one here buddy.

And so is GenoZStriker. Have you seen what was done with Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on PC?

This was a console exclusive, and a terrible PC port in the beginning, but within a few hours the game was converted to run and look better, a few months later support to run the game above the 30FPS cap was made. And this was all done by a third party. In fact, it was done by 1 sole person. Just wanted to add that Dark Souls on PC with the DSFix looks GORGEOUS. It is a contender for top graphics this year, because it can look that sexy.

Capcom has always done infinitely better with their console to PC releases. While it may not always be done in house at Capcom, I am more than sure they make sure their games run smooth as eggs on PC.

From Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 1 and 2, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter 4, SF4 Arcade Edition, SF v Tekken, whatever other title Capcom has released on PC has a huge facet of graphical features and all run 60FPS or better.

You my friend have no IDEA what a PC can do with the right DEVELOPER behind it. Its all complex, yet simple coding on their effort to ensure a CONSOLE game, that is capped at 30FPS, can run on a capable PC, at 60FPS minimum.

I am just happy to hear this game is coming to PC. I have DMC3 and 4 on PC and this will be lovely to my collection.

MikeMyers you were right to question these morons. Just please guys stick to your consoles, and while I am happy you guys get a lot more exclusives than PC, believe me, it isn't half the experience that you get on PC.

iNcRiMiNaTi2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Dark souls is capped at 30 fps on pc, being ported from console to pc and the devs said it was impossible to make it any higher. A mod comes out that unlocks the fps allowing 60fps a few days later. If a person who wasn't part of the dev team was able to do it then yes it's possible

Croash2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

For some games, the engine used has its share or complications that demand for an FPS cap to be used (L.A. Noire's 30fps because of the facial animations).

But for DmC, which is running on Unreal, the only limitation on pc will be the hardware (let's hope it is well optimized).

This doesn't change the fact that the game was designed to be played at 30fps, but it sure as hell will feel a lot smoother (not necessarily gameplay-wise).

On topic :

DMC4's port is great and its graphics are still stunning. I've managed to keep a minimum of 30fps/720p with my laptop's 540m and everything maxed out.

Let's hope I'll be able to say this when DmC comes out (except for the 540m. It's a GTX670 now, eh!).

At least I'm glad they're releasing it so close to the console release date. I was already expecting an April release :/

GSpartan7772840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

That's if it gets optimized from PC though, which is where my doubt after getting screwed over by many devs comes in. Capcom isn't exactly known for having good PC ports and with GFWL shenanigans is enough for me to doubt it. The last few AAA console games ported to PC have all been terrible. Well terrible might not be the correct word, but very inconsistent. Max Payne 3 was probably the best console ported game this year.

Croash2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

And I agree with you, GenoZStriker.
I remember Resident Evil 5 also being a good port but then there was that Operation Raccoon City disaster....
I have no idea how the Street Fighter ports were handled but I've seen SFvsTekken running smoothly on an average laptop.

I still do not trust Capcom at all. GFWL, Disc-Locked Content, the destruction of great series (RE6...Really, Capcom?). Eh.

It is true that PC ports haven't been great recently (this whole gen?).
I'm loving (PC) Max Payne 3 because it feels like a game that's in-between 2 generations of gaming, which is how it should be as the transition has already begun.
Then there is Dark Souls...An unplayable (KB+M), ugly mess of a port that suddenly became one of the best PC experiences of 2012.
In this case, inconsistent is the perfect word.

Some devs don't care about the beauty of their game on PC so we are stuck with downgraded console assets (it felt like Crytek was mocking their pc fans with their delayed DX11 pack).

And then there is From Software with their over9000xover9000 textures that were hidden because of the low resolution and exaggerated blur effects (Durante, I love you).

Let's just hope that multiplatform games' developers will change their ways of adapting PC games to consoles/the other way around with this new generation.
Unlikely, I know :/

Razputin2839d ago

GenoZStriker, what games are you playing?

With the exception of Dark Souls 2 and Darksiders 2, both which were known to be bad ports, are the only titles I can think of.

THQ has rushed their games and Volition is their saving graces... i.e Red Faction and Saints Row The Third.

From Software said they were just going to make Dark Souls work on PC, it is hard to be a console only developer and move to PC.

Look at my comment above with your previous response. If your PC can handle it then it can do it.

Don't post about bad ports if you have a crappy computer. Yes, that added AA or Ambient Occlusion will bog down your performance a lot.

I can't play console games because of how bad they look.

My biggest disappointment is that Red Dead Redemption didn't come out on PC, because it looked like utter garbage on PS3.

Aside from that every PC title I have gotten to this day has ran at 60+ FPS completely maxed out. And I am running 3 year old hardware OCd with the exception of my graphics card.

pr0digyZA2840d ago

Are you new to gaming, all PC games with the exception of a handful run at 60fps if you have the hardware,any that dont like la noire/dark souls get unlocked within a week.

The difference between this and those is that they have said there will be no lock at all.

Heisenburger2840d ago

"all of the sudden...."


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Smashbro292840d ago

I'm confused, if it's an AMD game does that mean it'll run worse on my Intel/Nvidia setup?

NYC_Gamer2840d ago

It just won't make use of Nvidia features

killatia2840d ago

The game uses the Unreal 3 engine so I'm positive the game will run fine on any system from the past 3 years.

GSpartan7772840d ago

It won't run worse, you just won't have NVIDIA features.

ZombieKiller2840d ago

cool... /s

Im still pissed at the fact that I traded MY 60 FPS for shit I didn't want. AKA limbo, ninja theory, this new dante/vergil. the thing that attracts me to this game is the combat which was done by Capcom anyway so damn why the change in all that other stuff?....and is it me, or does that 1st boss, the monkey lookin one, have a damn vagina on its face? they better crack some jokes about it or WTF? why is it there then? lol

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