The Wii: A gamer's perspective

While Robert Summa over at Destructoid.com was at the Fusion event for the Wii at the Nintendo World Store yesterday, he stopped a few of the people fresh off their experience with the Wii. Since you've seen plenty of jaded gaming journalists speak on it, now you can see what the average gamer/Nintendo fan thinks.

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OutLaw6206d ago

I was going to go over to the Nintendo World Store yesterday to put a down payment but then I figure the Wii isn't worth it.

Marriot VP6206d ago

haha, for how simply you put it that's quite funny

eques judicii6206d ago

yay fanboy ravs!! this is like going to cosplay and asking if they like the ps2!

nambo6206d ago

The wii is just a GC with a new controller. Why would anybody pay $250 for another GC?!? Nintendo is trying to rip its customers off! They should have just sole the controller for $60 and extend the life of the GC then develop a new system to come out in a year or two. I think when people realize this; it will leave a very bad taste in their mouths.


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